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Getting featured on blogs is a great way to:
  • Reach new customers.
  • Improve your position in search engine results.
  • Increase conversion rates.

Directly reach your target audience and share the story of your brand and products.

How it works

Send your request

1 Specify what you want bloggers to write about, the countries bloggers should be located in and any other requirement.

Bloggers are notified

2 PRDuck notifies bloggers that meet your criteria. The number of responses you will receive depends on the number of countries and breadth of blog categories you target, as well as the type of product offered for review.

Receive responses

3 You will automatically be notified of responses to your request and can use the PRDuck platform to easily coordinate communications with all bloggers.

Work with bloggers

4 Out of all the responses you can select the bloggers you want to work with. There is not a minimum or maximum number. You can select the blogs that are the best match for your product.

...or let our team take care of everything.

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Are you wondering what to blog about next?

Not any longer. You can take your pick and apply for assignments to review a wide range of products. Fashion, educational products for kids, beauty, and even trips. We work with a wide range of brands so you will find brands and products that will interest your readers.